How to buy Custom-made engagement ring

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The first step is to book a free consultation. This can be by phone or in-person.  This way you can ask all the questions you have in mind, and learn about the process involved in creating a ring. 


Once all your initial questions are answered you will feel more confident to get started on this special project. 


 The first step in starting the piece would be for us to ask you a list of questions about your future fiancée. This will help us to get an idea about who she is, and what her tastes and preferences are.  


Once the style of the piece is decided upon we would proceed in choosing the central stone.  This could be a coloured gemstone or diamond. 


My job is to advise you regarding the quality of the stone.  This means we look together at gemstones taking into account the colour, cut, size and price. 


We will work with my trusted diamond and gemstone suppliers to find the perfect ethically sourced diamond or precious gemstone.  


The next step is to decide which type of metal you would like your ring to be.   I recommend either platinum or gold.   If you choose gold, what type of gold would you like pink, yellow, or white? I can guide you through this decision to determine which option will be best with your center gemstone. 


The last step is for me to make my final notes on all the details and measurements that we will use in the custom design, making sure that the ring is unique and perfect for you.


After that you can leave everything in my hands.  I will carve a wax by hand or create a design in CAD ( computer aided design). Next, I’ll send you photos or videos of the wax so that you can see what the metal ring will be like.  If you would like to make any changes that would be the perfect time for us to do that, before the wax is cast into metal.


Once you have approved the wax I will

proceed to cast the piece in your chosen metal, set the stones and give the ring a perfect finish to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. 

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