Sapphire engagement rings

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Going with a sapphire for your engagement ring is a great decision. 
These precious gemstones are prized for their vibrant hues. The more deeply saturated the colour the more valuable the stone is.  
I personally love blue sapphires for their timeless glamour.  But, all of the colours available are beautiful.
Sapphire is typically blue, but natural "fancy" sapphires also occur in yellow, purple, orange, and green colours.
Sapphires come from the mineral “corundum” as do rubies.  So, the only colour sapphires do not come in is red as that is considered a ruby.  
Pink colored corundum may be either classified as ruby or sapphire depending on locale. Also a pink sapphire could be graded as a padparascha. 
Padparadscha sapphire is a special variety of corundum, featuring a delicate color that is a mixture of pink and orange – a marriage between ruby and yellow sapphire.
Sapphires have a remarkable hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale the third hardest mineral, after diamond at 10 and Moissanite at 9.5.  This is why this gemstone makes for a great choice for engagement rings.  
It is important to note that sapphires come in different shapes like round, cushion, oval, square and pear shape.
Due to the colours and cuts it’s available in as well as the durability of the stone I definitely recommend sapphires as an excellent choice for engagement rings.

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