My career in jewellery design began as an apprentice in a workshop under master goldsmiths. Here I learned the complete process of making jewellery from beginning to end. As a result I was able to gain experience with an array of carving and gem setting methods.  With this training I have spent the last twenty plus years designing custom work as well as my own fine jewellery collections. 


Each of my pieces are created by CAD (Computer Aided Design) or hand carved in wax and cast in gold or platinum. My specialty is in gem setting.  I am passionate about choosing the highest quality gemstones and meticulously micro setting each of them. Setting each gemstone under microscope allows me to ensure symmetry and precision in my work. The designs I create are part of a larger collection of pieces centred around one theme.  These collections are inspired by nature and contemporary style.  


Creating jewellery has always been more than a job for me. It leaves me fulfilled and satisfied at the end of each day. Crafting art that captures important moments, celebrations and life stages brings as much joy to me as I hope it does to my clients.